Special Needs Database

Database Purpose

The Hood County Office of Emergency Management will use Everbridge to create a Special Needs Database that consists of physical, cognitive, and sensory needs. This will allow local emergency response teams to better understand the needs of the community and assist in the development of preparedness and response plans. 

Examples of Use

Examples of scenarios when Hood County Emergency (SERVICES/RESPONSE) would use the Special Needs Database include:

Bomb threats
Chemical spills or gas leaks
Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant emergencies
Evacuation notices 
Fires or floods
Utility outages
Various other incidents as needed

For More Information

To get started, visit Everbridge HERE to create an account and enter your needs into the database.,  

It is important to verify your information annually to ensure you are providing the most accurate information to local law enforcement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register each individual in my house with assistance needs?

Yes, each individual who needs assistance during an emergency event must register separately. 

Can I register someone else?

Yes. With permission, a family member or friend can register another individual as long as they have all of the necessary information. 

What do I do if I move or no longer need assistance?

Please log in to your account and update the information you have provided if you no longer need assistance or have moved.

Does registration guarantee I will be evacuated during an emergency event?

No, registering does NOT guarantee assistance. While we want to ensure everyone is safe during an emergency event, we cannot guarantee that you will receive additional assistance during an event. Your information will be provided to local emergency response to assist in developing the most precise preparedness and response plans.