Hart Intercivic Duo Verity Hybrid Voting System

 Introducing the Hart Intercivic's Verity Duo Voting System

     *Touch screen

     *More Accessibility features

     *Verifiable paper trail

Verity Duo is a ballot marking device (BMD) that tabulates votes from human verifiable information, not a black box barcode. Duo delivers an intuitive touchscreen voting experience and the reassurance of a printed, paper vote record for end-to-end auditability.

Verity Scan ensures reliable audits of voter intent an enables fast recounts, with digital capture of full images of scanned ballots. Voting Data and audit logs are stored in redundant, physically separate locations. This means the scanner reads and records the same words the voter verified, ensuring 100% voter verifiability.

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VIDEO: How to vote using the Verity Duo (English)

VIDEO: How to vote using the Verity Duo (Spanish)

VIDEO CURBSIDE VOTING: How to vote using Verity DUO Go (English)