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About Hood County Texas

Hood County was formed in November 1866 by an Act of the 11th Legislature of Texas, and is named after Lt. Gen. John Bell Hood of the Confederate Army. Before settlement, the area of Hood County was home to Comanche Indians, Lipan Apaches, and Kiowa Indians, among others.

The highest point in Hood County is Comanche Peak which was an important meeting place for local Indians. It is now privately owned and not accessible to the public. The Anglo settlement began approximately 15 years prior to the Civil War. Charles E. Barnard and his family were among the first settlers in Hood County and established Barnard’s Trading Post.

In 1875, there was a controversy surrounding the location of the County Seat and residents in the southern section of the county petitioned for a new county. As a result, in 1875, Somervell County was established by an act of the Texas legislature.

Currently, Hood County embraces 425 square miles and Granbury is the county seat, named after Confederate General Hiram Granbury.

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