Training Division

I have been in Law Enforcement for 32+ years. I have only worked for two departments during that time. Started my career in Law Enforcement with the Hood County Sheriff's Office January 1987 as a Jailer. I worked in the jail for two years and then became a Patrol Deputy with Hood County. On Oct. 1990 I started as a Patrol Officer with the Granbury Police Department where I worked for 23 years 7 months. During my time with Granbury P.D. I worked Patrol and over 10 years of that as a Sergeant. I worked in investigations for 1 year and then went back to Patrol as a Patrol Sergeant. I was also an operator with the Regional SWAT team for 5 years.

I retired from the Granbury Police Department May 2014 and began working again for the Hood County Sheriff's Office as a Patrol Deputy in June 2014. I remained on the Regional SWAT team but with Hood County. I went through the ranks as Corporal, Sergeant and I am now working as the Training Coordinator/Administrative Sergeant of Patrol. I hold several instructor certifications and have an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts.