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Hood County Sheriff Office - Training Division

Welcome to the Sheriff Office Training division. If you are interested in attending a course listed on our calendar please contact the training coordinator. 

Training Center Policy


Welcome to the Hood County Training Center. Our goal is to make your visit here not only educational but also pleasurable. Should you have any concerns, comments, suggestions, or problems please contact your instructor or Jacob Shelly, the training coordinator. To ensure your visit will be educational and pleasurable, adherence to the following rules and guidelines is requested:


Dress Code 

  • The short sleeve Hood County polo shirt shall be worn for all in-service training classes unless otherwise stated in advance. An instructor may allow proper civilian attire. Per Hood County Sheriff Office Policy.
  • Shorts, sleeveless shirts, and open toed shoes will not be allowed.
  • Sport or workout clothing is acceptable for courses that require physical participation and will be included in the broadcast for training.


  • Weapons must be always holstered. Removal of a weapon from a holster, without approval of the instructor, will result in IMMEDIATE removal from the training program.
  • In some courses, absolutely no weapons may be allowed in the class.



  • To be eligible to receive TCOLE credit for a course a student must be present for the required and posted timeframes.
  • Those who do not meet the required hours present for a course may not be eligible to receive TCOLE credit.


  • Smoking is prohibited in the training facility by County policy and city ordinance.
  • Designated smoking points are outside.
  • Please smoke only in these designated spots


  • All Cell Phones and electronic devices must be on silent or vibrate.
  • No disruption to the learning process is to occur to handle a phone call.
  • Phone calls are to be answered on breaks.


  • While attending you are a representative of your agency
  • Your professionalism is appreciated and expected.

Jacob Shelly - Training Coordinator

817-579-3330 x 7673

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