Electronic Filing and Service


The Hood County District Clerk started accepting electronically filed documents on civil and family cases on October 29, 2014. E-filing is now 'mandatory' for 'subsequent' (not new case) criminal filings as of January 1, 2019. See the links below on this page for training opportunities. E-filing guides and other helpful information are also available.
Need an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP)? See the EFSP comparison table HERE.

District Clerk Business Process Definitions: District Clerk Business Process Definitions

Requesting Issuances through e-Filing

There are four (4) forms available below which will need to be used when requesting these types of issuance to be completed by the Hood County District Clerk.

Please select the form which fits your request.

When requesting issuances through the e-filing system:

The request form MUST be a separate lead document (it is not an exhibit to another document, so please do not add it as an attachment to another lead document).

Select the Filing Code: On New Suits select "Application" and on Subsequent filings select "Request".

Select the correct Issuance Fee under "Optional Services".

Any request for issuance that requires the District Clerk to print hard copies of pleadings MUST be paid for in advance. Select "Copies-Non Certified $1 per page".

If a Hood County Constable is to serve the issuance, please select the appropriate service fee and Constable under Optional Services. If you do not know the appropriate Constable, contact Constable 4, Chad Jordan at 817-579-3204.

Upload the "Request for Issuance form shown above" and DO NOT attach the pleading to be served. The pleading should be its own lead document in the filing or previously filed.

If there is not a "Request for Issuance form" that fits your request, and you are not requesting the service with an original pleading document, please submit a letter requesting the type of issuance you need as the lead document.

Most Common User Questions

  1. Do I have to efile?  
    Attorneys have to eFile in almost all civil and family cases. Pro se litigants can still file documents across the counter. We are currently accepting 'subsequent' filings in criminal cases in a 'permissive' environment until it becomes mandatory January 1, 2019. Exceptions are listed in the Supreme Court rules.
  2. eService:
    You must sign up to receive eService on each case individually. eFiling into a case or being the attorney of record does not mean you have signed up for eService.
  3. What if I am filing a case with an Affidavit of Indigency? Or I have been court appointed to represent a litigant or filing 'pro bono'? How are the fees handled?
    You will have a "waiver" option for those instances where you are not required to make a payment.
  4. May I include more than one document for filing per submission? Yes. EfileTexas will allow multiple documents (same cause number) for file-marking per submission.
  5. My motion needs the hearing date and time entered. How is that completed?
    Submit motion and order setting hearing as separate documents. The motion will be the lead document and the order setting hearing will be filed as a separate lead document in the same envelope. Use filing code "Proposed Order" for the order setting hearing.  The motion will be file marked. The order will be sent to the Court for review. If signed by court, the order will be file marked with the judge's signature date and e-served back to you.
  6. How do I submit proposed orders? 
    Proposed orders may not be combined into one computer file with a motion or other document. If they accompany a motion, use the same steps detailed in item #5 above. If they are filed by themselves without a motion, the proposed order must be the lead document and the filing code "Proposed Order" selected. Your submission will be accepted without a file mark and sent to the Court for review. If signed by the Court the clerk will file mark and e-serve the signed order back to you. This business process was changed by the Supreme Court JCIT Standards effective 1/20/2017.
  7. There is not a "filing code" which fits my document title exactly.
    What do I choose? Search by the keyword of your document. Ex: Motion, Petition, Request, Affidavit, Certificate, etc. The clerk will modify your selection to reflect the closest title match for entry into the case management system.
  8. What if I am not sure if my document requires a filing fee? 
    If the fees included are insufficient or are the incorrect amounts needed, the clerk will reject the filing with reasons indicating what fees are required.

eFile Support

Technical Support: 855-839-3453 or email support@efiletexas.gov
District Clerk Support: 817-579-3236
Training and User Guides for EfileTexas are available at www.efiletexas.gov

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