Early Elections and Officials

Lists of early county officials from Reports of the Texas Secretary of State:
  • 1884 (1 page PDF, 123 KB)
  • 1888 (1 page PDF, 162 KB)
  • 1890 & 1896 (1 page PDF, 215 KB)
  • 1892 (1 page PDF, 145 KB)
  • 1900 (1 page PDF, 202 KB)
Election Results (1 page PDF, 412 KB) for Hood County in 1869 - 70

Sheriff J. G. Swofford Read the funeral sermon of Sheriff J.G. Swofford by E.V. Cox, 1909.

Maps and Geography

Hood County boundaries (1 page PDF, 113 KB), including details for the creation date of Hood County in November of 1866.

1940 Hood County Highway Map (2331 KB PDF) - annotated

1961 Hood County Highway Map (2983 KB PDF)

Historic Location Map.   This map was designed and produced by the Hood County Historical Commission to celebrate the 2016 Sesquicentennial, or 150th birthday, of Hood County.

Hood County Land Map, 1894, showing the 8 county precinct boundaries.

Mary Kate Durham Scrapbook
Elizabeth Crockett monument
Collies and Coon Hounds
Preservationist of the Year
Parade Grand Marshal
District Courtroom in 1975
Cotton Wagons and the Courthouse
Early Meat Market
Reichstetter and Shanley Buildings
Grandpa's Birthday February 29, 1924
1st Christian Church
Justus Filanders Tracy and wife
Granbury College Students
Public School Building in Granbury
Lake at Add Ran Park in 1919
Fire Truck on the Square in 1921
Dressed up for Graduation
A.P. Gordon and wife Laura
Virginia Mitchell, county treasurer 1936 - 1950
Aston and Landers Saloon
Dry goods store and receipt for R.E. Durham
Future Homemakers - Granbury Chapter
Old Wagon Bridge notebook- March through April of 1937
Armed Service Insignia book 1943
Granbury Schools 1915 - 1916
Letter to Ida 1886
Letter to J.M. Baker 1915
View if the courthouse looking south - 1970's
Clock tower section during 1969 repairs
V. Maloney article "Five Courthouses"
W.C. Dodson's grandson
This is Granbury news clippings

Fun Stuff

Questions and Answers (8 page PDF, 435 KB) about Hood County History transcribed from the 1952 Hood County News-Tablet.

John Avery Lomax (7 page PDF, 541 KB) Read about recording folk songs for the Library of Congress at Henry Zweifel's ranch in Abbey Bend near Fort Spunky in October 1935. John Avery Lomax was born in Holmes County, Mississippi, in 1872. The next year his parents moved to Bosque County, Texas. In 1892, at the age of twenty he spent a year at Granbury College, and he afterwards taught English in the preparatory department of Weatherford College.

Listen to the Lomax Recordings made at Henry Zweifel's ranch in October 1935. These recordings have been provided to the Hood County Historical Commission by the Alan Lomax Collection, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

  1. The Blackbirds on the Rush, sung by Mrs. Bud Wylie, followed by square dance music.
  2. Truthful Bill, sung by Sterling Reason, followed by the fiddle tune Green Corn, played by Milton Burnett
  3. That's the Way with the Texians, Hog Drovers, and Pretty Little Pink, sung by Mrs. Molly Wylie
  4. Old Blue, sung by Carl Roberts, followed by High Loping Cowboy, sung by Sterling Reason
  5. Old Man Bugger, sung by Sterling Reason
  6. Natural Born Reacher (Rancher), sung by Perry Campbell, followed by Gol' Darn Wheel, sung by Sterling Reason
  7. The Two Sisters, sung by Kindness Harris
  8. The Brown Girl, sung by Mrs. Molly Wylie
  9. Molly and Drunkard's Dream, sung by Mrs. Molly Wylie
  10. The Lonesome Scenes of Winter and The Rambling Boy, sung by Mrs. Molly Wylie
  11. Time Enough Yet, sung by Mrs. Molly Wylie
  12. "Call t' Dogs", various performers, followed by "Set Calling", sung by Henry Zweifel with fiddle and sound of dancing
  13. Henry Zweifel sings, followed by Billy Barlow, sung by Bud Wylie
  14. "Cattle Calling", Henry Zweifel and the Zweifel ranch hands.
  15. "Calling Hogs", Henry Zweifel and the Zweifel ranch hands.
A Rancher’s Log Book

What kind of information would a Hood County rancher keep in his log book in the year 1885?
Read through the leather bound 4 ¾ by 3 inch pocket log book purchase from E.A. Hannaford’s Drug and Book store and discover some of the details of daily life in the years 1885 and 1886. From cattle brands and recipes to folk songs and alphabet practice, follow this link to enjoy a peek into history!

Early Drug Store Ephemera

E. A. Hannaford Drug and Book Store

Haralson-Landers Drug Co. 1905

Kristenstad - read about an experiment in utopian living on the Brazos River. 
Ghost Towns of Texas featured Kristenstad in 1953 and contains some rare pictures.

A Hood County Almanac - Historic News Items Arranged by Month
Follow the links below to find out what was happening in Hood County in years past, month by month:

January February March April

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September October November December