Hood County Historical Commission

Board Members

  • Chairman: Becki Barnes
  • Vice-Chairman: Don Grissom
  • Secretary: Christy Massey
  • Treasurer: James Dickens 
  • Marker Chairman: James Dickens


About the Historical Commission "The Texas Legislature authorized counties to establish County Historical Commissions (CHC) to assist county commissioners courts and the Texas Historical Commission (THC) in the preservation of our historic and cultural resources. The responsibilities of a CHC are set forth in the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 318. The statute is fairly broad, leaving latitude for CHCs to organize and undertake activities appropriate to their county’s size and resources. However, the statute does include minimum requirements to which CHCs must adhere." - Texas State Historical Commission

Historic Location Map

Follow this link to the Hood County Historic Location Map!
Hist Loc Map cover_thumb_thumb.jpg