Running for Office

Secretary of State's Candidate Guide for 2024

NOTE: Prior to announcing candidacy, receiving campaign contributions and making any campaign expenditures one must file an appointment of Campaign Treasurer with the Hood County Elections Office.

 Steps in running for office:             

1. Candidate must file a Campaign Treasurer Appointment.  This is required before you file an  application for a place on the ballot, raise or spend any money for your campaign, or announce  your  candidacy publicly or privately.  

This appointment is to be filed with the Elections Administrators' office:    1410 W Pearl St,  Granbury, TX 76048

2. Pay the (a) filing fee or (b) submit your petition in lieu of filing fee to the political party of choice along with your application to be placed on the Primary Ballot.   To see filing fees for the 2022 Primary - click here. (2024 filing fees coming soon)

a. If you choose to pay the filing fee, submit it along with the application for place on the ballot to the local political party chair that you choose.
b. If you choose to circulate a petition in lieu of filing fees, you will need to acquire the stated  number of registered voter signatures (it is recommended to acquire additional signatures, some individuals that sign a petition may not be registered to vote or not located in the correct voting precinct).  If running for a precinct  specific  race, the signatures must be from registered voters in that particular voting precinct.  Countywide races may acquire voter signatures from any precinct in Hood County.

Constable 1, JP 1, and Commissioner 1 include voting precincts 101,103, 105, 107, and 112
Constable 2, JP 2, and Commissioner 2 include voting precincts 202, 211, 216, and 218
Constable 3, JP 3, and Commissioner 3 include voting precincts 310, 313, 314, and 317  
Constable 4, JP 4, and Commissioner 4 include voting precincts 404, 408, 409, and 415

3. Once you have applied to be placed on the primary ballot, the candidate is responsible for filing their campaign financial reports with the Elections Administrators' Office.

Click here for the 2022 due dates for campaign finance reports.  If a candidate selected the modified reporting (plan to stay under the $500 threshold in either contributions or expenditures in the election) must still file the  January 15 and July 15 report. 

For the finance forms click on the link below:  

Texas Ethics Commission

Any questions about the forms are to be addressed to the Texas Ethics Commission 512-463-5800 or TDD 1-800-735-2989 

Texas Secretary of State - Information for Candidates

Hood County Political Parties:

Hood County Democrat Party: County Chair Adrienne Martin 817-675-2942
Hood County Republican Party: County Chair Steve Biggers  817-736-6648

Texas Ethics Commission has a website with lots of helpful links:
New Filers Getting Started     FAQs