Election Day

December 9, 2023         7 am - 7 pm

December 9, 2023 City of Granbury Voting Location:

1. Hood County Annex 1 - 1410 W. Pearl Street, Granbury

2024 Election Day Vote Center Locations: (subject to change)

1. Hood County Annex 1 - 1410 W. Pearl Street, Granbury

2. Acton Methodist Church - 3433 Fall Creek Highway, Granbury

3. Calvary Church - 4800 Glen Rose Highway, Granbury

4. First Baptist Church - 1851 Weatherford Highway, Granbury

5. Generations Church - 5718 E. Highway 377, Granbury

6. Good Shepherd Episcopal Church - 4530 Acton Highway, Granbury

7. Lipan Church of Christ Fellowship Hall - 119 N. Caddo St., Lipan

8. St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church - 2301 Acton Highway, Granbury

9. Pecan Activity Center - 9145 Plantation Dr., Granbury

10. Tolar Community Center - 120 Tolar Cemetery Rd., Tolar

Vote Centers is a term used to refer to the Countywide Polling Place Program defined in the Texas Elections Code. When a county participates in the program, voters are allowed to cast their ballots in any polling place in the county, just like they do during early voting.

Election Results

You can view election results here.

Annual Ballot by Mail Applications are only good for one calendar year

You must reapply in January every year.

See a PDF of an Application for Ballot by Mail.

Qualifications: (one or more must apply)

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Disability
  • Confinement in jail
  • Expected absence from county during Early Voting and on Election Day.
  • Ballot must be mailed to an out of county address.

Applications for Ballot by Mail may be sent to "Hood County Elections" via traditional mail, email, or fax. If a voter submits their application via email or fax, we must receive a hard copy in the mail within four business days of the submission of the fax or email.

Traditional Mail

Hood County Elections
1410 W Pearl St
Granbury, TX 76048