Veterans Benefits Programs


There are a number of benefit programs to which veterans and their survivors are entitled. In order to apply for these benefits, Veterans must have a copy of their DD 214 or Record of Separation/Discharge from the Military. The document should show the Character of Service, Honorable, General, Other than Honorable, etc. It's critical to safeguard this document and we recommend veterans file the original with the County Clerks Office so if you lose it, you can get a certified copy from the County. If you don't have a DD 214, you may request one on line or complete a Standard Form 180 and send it to National Archives in St. Louis. Access this link for more information and to apply for copies of service records.

The Veterans Administration's new Compensation Pension Website and contains excellent and complete information and links to benefits offered to Veterans and their Survivors. We encourage our Military Families to look at this web page and become familiar with VA programs and their eligibility criteria. Call the County Veteran Service Office for additional questions or guidance.

If you have already filed a claim, you may check status online.

Access the VA benefits timetable to show you how much time you have from the time you are separated to file for certain benefits.

Disability Compensation and other Rating Tables

Disability Compensation

This is the primary source of entitlements for veterans who suffer from a chronic disability resulting directly or indirectly from an injury or illness that originated while on Active Duty, Active Duty for Training or while in Drill Status for the National Guard or Reserves that has been determined through a Line of Duty Investigation to have incurred "In the Line of Duty". Veterans may apply for disability compensation on a VA form 21-526 or on line by following this link:

ASK US about the brand new "FULLY DEVELOPED CLAIM PROGRAM"! Great news for Veterans who have all of the evidence on hand to support their claim. You can have a decision in less than 90 days. IMAGINE THAT!!! Compensation Claims are filed on a VA Form 21-526EZ and Pension Claims filed on VA Form 21-527EZ. Call us for help on these and file these here at this office so we can review them for you. You can download these claim forms.

New Compensation Rating Tables for 12-1-2011 click on the link below:

Non Service Connected Pension

Non Service Connected Pension is a program aimed at low income Wartime Veterans who are over 65 and permanently and totally disabled and is designed to supplement a veterans current income if it falls below a specific income threshold. The following Link has questions and answers regarding Pension Benefits and how this benefit is calculated. Please call our office for more information.

Pension Rates

VA Guaranteed Home Loans

The Veterans Administration offers home loan guarantees for eligible veterans that may result in lower interest rates and loan origination and closing costs. The Veteran may apply for an Eligibility Certificate by mailing in a VA form 26-1880. Once you receive your certificate, you may bring that to your lending institution when you apply for your home loan. For more information regarding eligibility, go to:

Life Insurance

Active duty, and veterans are eligible to apply for Group Life insurance. The webpage below will take you to information for the Office of Servicemans Group Life Insurance. Additionally, survivors may contact them in the case of a veterans death if they are not sure if the Veteran had coverage. Be sure to have the Veterans Social Security number handy when you call