Additional Purchasing Agent Functions

Competitive Bids

Purchases that exceed $50,000 generally require a competitive bid process. The purchasing agent will seek and secure authority and approval by the Commissioners’ Court to prepare, publish, and issue solicitations. All procurement methods must be in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local statutes as well as the Texas Local Government Code and Hood County purchasing policies and procedures. Contracts resulting from the formal bid process are awarded by Commissioners’ Court at posted meetings.

Non-Competitive Actions

The purchasing agent also seeks and recommends participation in non-competitive options for the acquisition of goods and/or services. Such options include inter-local agreements, state-awarded contracts and programs, and cooperative purchasing networks. These types of alternative methods of procurement have the advantage of mass or volume solicitations, which can ensure quality, value, and costs.

Fair and Equitable Treatment

The purchasing agent attempts and strives to prepare specifications and requirements that meet the needs of the user departments while consistently maintaining the spirit of the competitive bid process. The purchasing agent must assure qualified vendors the opportunity to participate in the procurement process. This also includes fair and equitable treatment.

For More Information

For more information about the purchasing agent's functions, please contact the Purchasing Department at (817) 408-3440.