Department Functions

The Hood County Purchasing Department has a direct impact on the expenditure of taxpayer dollars. All acquisitions of goods and/or services are authorized and approved by this department. Hood County accomplishes the purchase of goods, materials, supplies, and services through purchase orders.

Purchasing Agent

The Hood County purchasing agent is employed by the Hood County Purchasing Board (consisting of the county and district judge positions) in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code. The purchasing agent serves under the direct supervision of the Purchasing Board and is permitted other staff in order to perform the agent’s functions. The purchasing agent is mandated to adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local statutes / regulations. Most procurement is in accordance with the Texas Local Government Code, governing the acquisitions of good and services.

Purchasing Agent Functions

Functions of the purchasing agent include, but are not limited to:
  • Administering and managing all county contracts; any amendments, changes, or modifications to contracts must be coordinated through the Purchasing Department and approved by the Commissioners’ Court
  • Keeping an inventory of all property on hand belonging to the county
  • Maintaining surplus inventory and supervising the auctions of county surplus property
  • Securing goods and services at the lowest cost while taking into consideration:
    • Acceptable quality standards
    • Current economic conditions
    • User requirements
  • Transferring county supplies, materials, and equipment from departments, offices, subdivisions, or programs no longer needing these items and placing them with users needing those items, avoiding unnecessary purchases and maximizing county budgets

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