Court Process

Prior to the final hearing the county clerk’s office will forward your Application for a Protective Order and Temporary ex parte Order to the judge’s office. After they have been signed by the judge, a court date will be set, usually within 14 days from filing the application. You will receive a copy of the temporary order and notice of hearing.

Please keep the Temporary ex parte Order with you at all times. If the abuser violates one of the conditions of the temporary order, you will have the order to refer to and to show law enforcement. If the abuser is violating one of the conditions of the temporary order, you need to report that violation to a law enforcement agency immediately.

Final Hearing Process

  • Come to the county attorney’s office approximately 30 minutes prior to your hearing. During this time, you will meet with the attorney handling your case. The attorney will review your testimony and explain options in your case.
  • You may bring witnesses, a close friend, or a family member with you for support. At your request, a volunteer from Mission Granbury, the victim’s liaison from the sheriff’s office, or a member of our staff may accompany you to court. We make every effort to keep you separated from the offender while at the justice center.
  • In the courtroom, you will be seated next to the attorney at the witness table in front of the courtroom, unless the judge instructs you otherwise. You will be sworn in by the judge and may need to offer a brief or detailed testimony.
  • Once the judge has heard testimony from both sides, he/she will rule on the application. If the application is granted, you will need to wait in a conference room with support staff, if needed, while the clerk prepares your copy of the protective order.