Driveway Access


A permit from the Road Operations Department will be required for any culvert or other structure to be placed within the county right of way. There is no charge for this permit. An owner/representative may come to the office to request and fill out the permit. Or you may download the online form. After completing the form with signature, email to Karen Buren. View/Download permit.


Culvert types and sizes must be approved by the Road Operations Department prior to their placement. A department representative will inspect the site to make determinations on the structure and its placement according to our requirements.

The county does not sell or deliver culverts for private or commercial use. All persons needing culverts set must acquire them for themselves and have them delivered to the site where they are to be installed.


The county will do the necessary grading and will set the culvert at the location. A small amount of on-site spoil material will be placed on the culvert to keep it stable. The property owner is responsible for covering the culvert with a suitable material (i.e., flexible base, concrete) and calling the department at (817) 579-3304 for the final inspection.