Hood County Environmental Health

9/14/2023 - Texas Commisson on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), has approved the order to allow homeowner maintenance of septic with Approved Courses.

Approved TCEQ Courses to be listed soon:

On-Site Sewage Facilities

On-site sewage facilities (OSSF) are commonly known as septic systems; This office provides information, education, permitting and inspection for new and existing septic systems. We also investigate complaints related to failing or improperly maintained septic systems.

Click here for helpful information about on-site sewage facilities helpful information about on-site sewage facilities.

Please call 817-579-3288 for information on permitting an on-site sewage facility or to request a copy of documents related to your permitted on-site sewage facility.

100-Year Floodplain

This office issues permits and provides information for development in the 100 year floodplain. Flood Insurance Rate Maps may be viewed at this office. Click here for helpful information about the National Flood Insurance program.

General Sanitation

Investigations of potential unsanitary conditions as defined in Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 341 and 343 such as:

  • Accumulation of solid waste creating a public health nuisance:
    • actual harborage of rodents and insects in residential areas.
  • Unsanitary conditions:
    • involving solid waste where rodents or insects may harbor.

Private Water Well Analysis

Water analysis of private water wells. Bacterial and chemistry. Please call 817-579-3288 for information.  

Citizens Collection Station (CCS)

The CCS is located at 244 Bray Street and accepts bulk waste for a fee and recyclables free of charge. Recyclables include metal, plastics 1-5 & 7, paper, glass, oil & oil filters, antifreeze and tires, (first four tires free). We request that the tires be off the rims.


This department is not clinical and does not provide influenza shots or inoculations. For inoculations please call the Texas Department of State Health Services at 817-573-8186.