Parental Written Statements


The Texas Family Code requires that the parent of a child who is accused of breaking the law and who will appear before a Texas juvenile court must be given the opportunity to give a parental written statement to the court. A parental written statement is your opportunity to tell the court information about your child’s and family’s needs, strengths, or other important information related to your child’s case. The judge may consider this statement when making a final decision in your child’s case.

Use of the Statement

A parental written statement is completely voluntary, and you may choose not to make a statement in connection with your child’s case. You may respond to any or all of the sections on this form. Although examples are provided, you are not limited to those examples. Your entire statement will be shared with the judge, the juvenile probation department, your child’s defense attorney, the prosecutor, and any other person the juvenile court determines should be provided with a copy. Any information you submit to the court may be used against your child; therefore, you may want to consult with an attorney about the consequences of providing a statement to the juvenile court.

Submission Information

If you choose to provide a statement, you may submit it on your own paper and use any form you choose. You may also attach sheets of paper to this form if you need additional space. When your statement is completed, please return it to the Juvenile Probation Department at:
P.O. Box 2081
Granbury, Texas 76048

The Juvenile Probation Department will then provide your statement to the juvenile court. For questions about the written parental statement, you may contact Juvenile Probation at (817) 579-3273.