Juvenile Case Victims


If your child is a victim in a juvenile case, you and your child will receive a subpoena to appear at the adjudication hearing scheduled for the offender. If the juvenile offender makes the decision to agree to the charges prior to the hearing, you will be notified by phone that you are not required to be present.


For reimbursement of expenses, you will be required to provide a statement of expenses incurred and witnesses will be subpoenaed to testify as to these amounts. Once evidence is presented and an amount of restitution determined by the court, that amount will typically be ordered to be paid by the juvenile’s parents. The said amount is usually payable in monthly installments to Hood County Youth Services, and is usually dispersed to you as payments are received.

For More Information

For more information about juvenile case victims, please contact the county attorney at (817) 579-3216.