County Attorney


    The primary mission of the Hood County Attorney’s office is to prosecute violations of the misdemeanor laws of the State of Texas in the Hood County Court at Law, the Hood County Court, and the Justice Courts of Hood County.


    The County Attorney's office is responsible to:
    • Prosecute misdemeanor offenses in the criminal courts
    • Represent the State in criminal cases and motions to revoke misdemeanor probation with the County Court at Law and the Justice Courts
    • Prosecute juvenile cases referred to the Hood County Court or County Court at Law
    • Work with law enforcement in the investigation and preparation of cases to be heard before the criminal courts
    • Represent family violence victims who seek protective orders
    • Collect restitution for vendors on hot checks
    • Assist victims of crime in regard to collecting restitution and, if the victim meets certain criteria, assist in requesting crime victim compensation from the state
    • Assist applicants who seek a mental commitment
    • Represent the State in bail bond forfeiture cases in the Hood County Court and County Court at Law
    • Assist the Environmental Health Department with violations of health laws, such as malfunctioning septic systems and illegal dumping
    • Review public information requests received by county officers and when necessary, submit withholding requests to the attorney general
    • Keep local officials apprised of changes in the law
    • May assist in prosecutions before the courts or with matters where conflicts of interest may occur when requested by the Attorney General, a state agency, the district attorney, or a prosecutor from another jurisdiction
    • Render legal advice to county officials and provide legal representation to the county when requested