Poll Watchers

What is a Poll Watcher?

A person appointed to observe the conduct of an election on behalf of a candidate, a political party, or the proponents or opponents of a measure.


  • Registered voter of territory holding election (ISD, City, County, etc.)
  • Not be a candidate for public office in an election held on the same day
  • Not hold an elective public office
  • Not be an employee of the election judge or clerk serving at the same polling place
  • Not be finally convicted of an offense in connection with conduct directly attributable to an election
  • Not be related within the second degree to an election judge or clerk serving at the same polling location. A watcher may be related to the candidate the watcher is representing.

Appointment forms

Poll Watcher's Guide 

Appointment of Watcher by Candidate on the Ballot

Appointment for Watcher for Propositions or Issues
Appointment of Watcher by Political Party

Appointment of Watcher by Registered Voters on behalf of Write-in Candidate