Introducing the Hart Intercivic Verity Duo Voting System

Our new voting machines are making their big debut soon!

  • Touch screen
  • More Accessibility features
  • Verifiable paper trail

Verity Duo is a ballot marking device (BMD) that tabulates votes from human verifiable information, not a black box barcode. Duo delivers an intuitive touchscreen voting experience and the reassurance of a printed, paper vote record for end-to-end auditability.

Verity Scan ensures reliable audits of voter intent an enables fast recounts, with digital capture of full images of scanned ballots. Voting Data and audit logs are stored in redundant, physically separate locations. This means the scanner reads and records the same words the voter verified, ensuring 100% voter verifiability.

For more information click here.

VIDEO: How to vote using the Verity Duo (English)

VIDEO: How to vote using the Verity Duo (Spanish)

City & School Election Day will be May 1, 2021

Last day to register for the April 1, 2021 

Hood County Elections Office is now open to the public, but if you want to make changes to your address, register to vote, and/or request a ballot by mail you can do that without leaving the comfort of your home.  Information below.  

  • In County Updates via Texas Online: If a voter has moved within the same county, the voter may update their address online at www.Texas.gov
  • Printed Voter Registration Applications: If a voter has access to a printer, the voter can print this application, fill it out and mail it to us.
  • Postage Paid Voter Registration Application: If a voter does not have access to a printer, the voter can request that a blank postage-paid voter registration application be mailed directly to the voter.  You can do this by calling us (817)408-2525 or email me elections@co.hoood.tx.us
  • Revisions to Voter Registration Certificate: If a voter has their current voter registration certificate, they may make any necessary corrections or updates to the certificate, sign it, and return it to the voter registrar.

Voting by Mail - for any election

A voter may vote early by mail if they:

  • will be away from their county on Election Day and during early voting;
  • are disabled;
  • are 65 years of age or older on Election Day; or
  • are confined in jail, but eligible to vote.

Vote by Mail application English or Spanish - print it, fill it out, mail it to us.  If you decide to email your application to us, we must then receive the original by mail within 4 days.

Offices for Election in 2022

  • Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Attorney General
  • U.S. Senator
  • U.S. Representative, District 11
  • Comptroller of Public Accounts
  • Comptroller of the General Land Office
  • Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Railroad Commissioner
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 2
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 4
  • Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6
  • Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 17
  • Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8
  • State Representative, District 60
  • Chief Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District
  • Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 4
  • Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 5
  • Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District, Place 6

Hood County Offices for Election in 2022

  • County Judge 
  • County Commissioner, Precinct 2
  • County Commissioner, Precinct 4
  • County Clerk
  • District Clerk
  • County Treasurer
  • Judge, County Court of Law, No. 1
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2
  • Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3
  • District Judge, 355th Judicial District

If you reside in Hood County and are not on the voter registration rolls, you must fill out a voter registration application and mail it to us or drop it off at our office.  An individual cannot register online in the State of Texas!

2018 Texas Election Security Update - Click here

Responsibilities of Election Office

One of the most important functions of county government is to oversee the electoral process. The Elections Department is responsible for conducting:

  • All elections at the federal, state, and county levels
  • Certain other elections that contract with Hood County for election services
  • Voter registration

Vote Centers in Hood County

What does this mean to you? On Election Day, any Hood County registered voter may go to any one of the 10 polling locations in Hood County and vote. You do not have to go to your specific precinct. It is like early voting, but on Election Day!! View a printable flyer with the list of polling location in Hood County. View a Hood County Map of the locations.