Jury Information

Juror Process

The District Clerk is the officer of the court in charge of the jury selection process. The Clerk:

  • Determines the number of potential jurors required to begin a trial
  • Sends summonses to jurors
  • Processes jurors on trial day
  • Assigns jurors to panels
  • Pays jurors for service
    • $20.00 for the first day of attendance in empaneling or voirdire
    • $58.00 for each day thereafter. 


The juror process is governed by the Texas Uniform Jury Handbook as authorized by chapter 23 of the Government Code.

Reporting for Jury Duty

Jurors should report to the location designated on the summons prior to the time designated. This is located under the "TIME/DATE/PLACE" section in the bottom tear off section of summons.

Ph: (817) 579-3236