County Court at Law

A Word from Judge Richard L. Hattox...

I want to welcome you to the Hood County Court at Law web page. We are honored to serve the citizens of Hood County.

This court hears misdemeanor criminal cases, family violence protective order applications, family law matters and civil matters involving controversies involving damages of up to a quarter of a million dollars. We are also the appellate court for probate matters and all matters appealed from the justice of the peace courts and municipal courts of this county.

The Court Administrator is Sherry Brooks. Ms. Brooks may be contacted to schedule hearings and to obtain the Court's calendar. The Court Reporter is Lorie Naylor. Ms. Naylor may be contacted for records and docketing history. The County Court at Law Bailiff is Steve Mehaffey, who is a certified peace officer.

If you need assistance creating a Lifesize account for court, please view the Lifesize Account Creation Guide here.