All property sold from orders of sale or execution as judgment sales are subject to a lien. The purchaser must be present at the sale. All property is sold for cash; however, we will accept cashier’s checks or money orders made payable to Constable Chad Jordan. Money is due no later than 24 hours after the sale. There will be no exceptions. We suggest that you bring several denominations of cashier’s checks, money orders, and cash, as we cannot accept a payment that is not in the exact amount.

Written Statement

Under the Texas Tax Code, each purchaser must also present an original written statement noting that the purchaser owes no delinquent taxes to Hood County, a school district, a municipality, or a special district for which the Hood County Appraisal District is the tax collector. The written statement can be obtained from the Hood County Appraisal District for $10.


All deeds issued from the tax sale will be in the name of the purchaser as noted in the Civil Practice and Remedies Code. The deeds will be forwarded to the taxing entity’s attorney for filing with the county clerk’s office for the tax roll. Once filed with the county clerk, the deed will be mailed to the purchaser within 3-4 weeks after the sale.

Homestead / Agriculture

The defendant of real property that has not been exempt for homestead or agriculture that is sold at a tax sale may redeem the property within six months after the date on which the deed is filed for record. The redemption period for homestead or agriculture is two years.