Specific functions of the county judge include:
  • Acting as director of Emergency Management
  • Acting as magistrate in the absence of the justices of the peace
  • Acting as the county's chief elected official (CEO)
  • Acting as the county's chief financial officer (CFO)
  • Conducting guardianship hearings
  • Conducting hearings for all probate matters
  • Conducting juvenile hearings
  • Conducting mental competency hearings and related duties as prescribed by law
  • Directing emergency operations of the Emergency Operations Center
  • Holding inquests in the absence of the justices of the peace
  • Preparing the county budget for approval by the Commissioners' Court
  • Presiding over all meetings of the Commissioners' Court
  • Providing notice of public hearings
  • Serving on the Juvenile Board

For More Information

For more information about the county judge, please contact the county judge's office at (817) 579-3200.

The Rules of Procedure, Conduct and Decorum at Meetings of the County Commissioners' Court