Experience and Certifications

The reserve deputies serving in the sheriff's office are all licensed peace officers under the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). Most of the reserve deputies have well over 10 years experience, and several hold advanced or master peace officer certifications.


Currently over 23 deputies strong, the Reserves Division's primary function is in the Patrol Division. Some deputies, however, provide investigative, transport, grant assistance, and other law enforcement duties. Reserve deputies are required by their general orders to provide a minimum of 20 hours per month for the sheriff in order to maintain their commissions. Reserve deputies are commissioned as full-time peace officers and are required to comply with the same general orders and requirements as paid deputies.


Serving under a reserve captain (Robert Kinkel) and sergeant (O.T. Belcher) each deputy is required to complete the mandatory probationary training period in the field under a field training officer (FTO) prior to being released for solo patrol. Deputies with significant law enforcement experience are afforded an opportunity to complete an accelerated program.


Applicants for the Hood County sheriff's reserve must complete the application packet found in the Hood County Personnel website area, which includes:
  • Background investigation
  • Detailed personal history statement
  • Drug screen
  • Physical and psychological assessment
Applicants must be of sound mind and physically capable of performing the duties required of patrol.