The Hood County Communications Center has 18 full time licensed Communications Officers under the direction of Administrative Lieutenant Denise Lizun and Dispatch Supervisor April Rodriguez. There are three shift supervisors - John Hurley, Tyler Brown and Jennifer Dillard. Communication officers are trained for three months before they can dispatch on their own. The center is staffed with 3-5 communicators per 12 hour shift.

Communications officers are required to be certified or licensed for:


The Communications center is responsible for all emergency and non-emergency calls for service requiring a police, fire or emergency medical response. In 2014, the Hood County Communications Center answered over 86,000 non emergency phone calls and over 25,000 emergency calls resulting in over 60,000 calls for service. They answer six 911 lines and eight non-emergency telephone lines. Additionally, communicators enter information into the TCIC/NCIC system regarding warrants, missing persons, and stolen property for several agencies and also routinely maintain and update various logs and computer files. Communications officers are highly trained and dedicated to sending the response you need, when you need it most.


The communications Center dispatches for the following departments: