GIS/9-1-1 Addressing Department

Our Mission

The GIS/9-1-1 department develops and modifies the geographic database, performs spatial analysis, produces maps and assigns emergency 9-1-1 street addresses for Hood County.

Goals & Objectives

  • To provide a level of community service that involves our GIS (Emergency services, Homeland Security, Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant, Historical Organizations, public inquiries, etc).
  • To take on and complete projects involving our GIS: this includes the continuing development and updating the 9-1-1 and Spillman geodatabase and map.
  • To research new GIS technologies and techniques that will allow our department and the county to run more effectively and efficiently.
  • To provide customer services to our citizens, user departments and other agencies.
What is GIS?
    GIS stands for Geographic Information System.  This type of system maintains location information for all types of features.  For example, it can represent a road with a line, similar to a paper map; however, since it is digital, this line can be attached to an endless amount of information such as the name of the road and the address range.  The background or "paper" the line is drawn on is attached to a geographic coordinate system.  With this system the line inherently locates itself accurately on the earth's surface.

What county departments use GIS?
    Currently several county departments utilize the benefits of GIS.  The Elections Office uses GIS to create and analyze maps.  The Fire Marshal uses GIS for emergency preparedness.  The Sheriff's Office has the ability to analyze crime with GIS.  Public Works use it for right-of-way information.

What types of industry use GIS?
    Government is not the only group who uses GIS.  Environmentalists use GIS for various studies like tracking animals, habitats and water data, to name a few.  Trucking companies use GIS to route their paths to destinations as well as tracking their trucks using the Global Positioning System (GPS).  Anybody who can benefit from an informative map or spatial analysis can benefit from GIS.

Hood County 9-1-1 Addressing
The function of the Hood County Addressing is to develop and maintain a county wide addressing system to insure immediate emergency response to the citizens of Hood County.
The following services are provided by the Addressing Department, a division of Hood County Road Operations:

  • Provide addresses for all locations in the county.
  • Approve street names and assign addresses for new developments.
  • Provide a cross reference between legal descriptions and actual addresses.
  • Maintain a database of all streets in Hood County.
  • Serve as the contact person for telephone service providers.