Wise Eyes

Deterring Crime

The Hood County sheriff’s office is responsible for patrolling 437 square miles, 24 hours a day. With a limited number of deputies on the road at any given time, it is doubtful that a patrol car will serve as a visual deterrent for criminals.

However, if criminals know that every citizen, truck driver, gas or oil field worker, pilot, utility company employee, and postal carrier in Hood County is a potential witness, they will leave our property and homes alone.
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How It Works

The Hood County Wise Eyes is an email-based service to the community. Those who subscribe receive timely alerts with:
  • Detailed descriptions of suspects involved in major crimes
  • Recent crime trends
  • Suspicious activities
Crime does not have to be a fact of life! Become active today. Report suspicious vehicles and individuals. Help improve the quality of life in Hood County, and make it a better place to live.