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Changes to Protective Orders
Continued Representation of Victims
Our office will continue to represent Victims if they need address changes or modifications to their protective orders.

We will NOT represent Victims who want to "cancel," "vacate," or "dismiss" protective orders after they are granted.

A protective order is a court order.  The only person who can make changes to the order is the judge who granted it.

Either party may file a motion to modify a protective order to:
  • Exclude something that is in the order; or
  • Include something that could have been in the order.

 Tex. Family Code 87.001

Changes of Address
Any time you change your home address, work address, or children's school or daycare address while your protective order is in effect, you need to contact our office.  

Our office will notify the court and law enforcement of your new address.

If you do not notify us of an address change, your new address(es) may not be protected.

Tex. Family Code 87.004

In addition, if you move to another county or to another state, you should take a copy of your protective order to your local law enforcement agency along with a copy of your address change.

Tex. Family Code 86.005

The judge determines how long a protective order is in effect.  The only person who can change how long a protective order lasts is the judge who granted it.

one year from the date the protective order is granted:
  • The Respondent may file a motion to have the Court reconsider whether the protective order is still necessary.

the Respondent is in prison or in jail on the date the protective order expires, the protective order is automatically extended to one year after the date the Respondent is released from prison or jail.

Please notify us if you know that the Respondent will be in prison on the date your protective order expires.  We will notify the court and law enforcement of the automatic extension.

Tex. Family Code 85.025

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