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Juvenile Probation Process
Getting Caught
This year, more than 130,000 Texas children picked up by law enforcement officers will enter the juvenile
justice system. For minor violations, the police may simply warn the child and parents. However, when further action is needed to protect the public or the child or to prevent future offenses, the case is forwarded to local juvenile probation officials.

All juveniles with alleged delinquent offenses that are crimes punishable by jail for adults are fingerprinted and entered into a statewide central repository. Their criminal history record may then be accessed by law enforcement and juvenile justice agencies throughout Texas.

Children who break the law come from all social, racial, and economic groups. Nearly half are between 14 and 15 years of age, and about three-fourths are male. Many are charged with minor offenses, or status offenses, such as truancy or running away from home. However, one-third or more are serious offenders who may have committed crimes such as burglary, assault, or murder. Substance abuse, family violence, and school problems are common with these children.

Taking into Custody
When I juvenile is taken into custody by law enforcement, critical decisions must be made on the spot.  Some are safely released to parents or guardians, but others must be held in secure detention. 
You may contact the Granbury Regional Juvenile Justice Center at 817-579-0852.

Additional Information
Learn more about the juvenile court process, or find information about juvenile probation and release.

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