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Disposition Options
Disposition options for juvenile offenders fall into one of two categories - informal and formal proceedings. For more information, contact the Juvenile Probation Department at (817) 579-3273.

Informal Proceedings 
Informal proceeding options are as follows.

Supervisory Caution
Supervisory caution is a disposition in which the Probation Department refers the child and family to needed social services in the community. This disposition is typically reserved for first-time offenders committing very minor offenses. 

First Offenders Program
The First Offenders program consists of a an educational course that must be completed by the juvenile and parent / guardian. Additional counseling services are available if needed. This disposition is typically reserved for first-time offenders committing minor offenses.

Deferred Prosecution
Deferred prosecution is a 3-6 month period of voluntary probation that is entered into by the child and his/her parents. If the child violates the terms of the probation, the state may elect to proceed with formal court adjudication. The juvenile prosecutor must consent to any deferred prosecution disposition for any child alleged to have committed a felony offense, misdemeanor, or weapons or assault referral.

Formal Court Proceedings
View types of formal court proceedings in juvenile cases.

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