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Service Fees
Effective January 1, 2016

View a PDF of the Fees HERE.

 Process  Fees    Process  Fees
Citations $75.00 Writ of Possession*
Citation of Eviction $75.00 Writ of Re-Entry
Citation by Publication (Plus cost of Publication) $75.00
Writ of Scire Facias
Citation by Scire Facias $75.00 Writ of Sequestration
Distress Warrants* $150.00 Tax Warrant
Injunctions or Writ of Injunction $75.00
Turn Over Order or Writ of Turn Over*
Notice by Publication (Plus cost of publication) $75.00
Writs not listed
Notices to Show Cause
Habeas Corpus
Order of Sale
Temporary Restraining Order
Posting Written Notices
All Service Documents not specified
Precept / Precept to Serve
Executing a Deed
Subpoena / Summons $75.00
Executing a Bill of Sale
Writ of Attachment $150.00
Filing a Peace Bond
Writ of Execution
$150.00 Copy of a Police Report
Writ of Garnishment
Order for Personal Property Retrieval
*(plus $75/hr per Officer after two hours)

(Commissions on all Sales / Order of Sale 10% when the Constable or Sheriff collects money with a sale, with-out a sale one-half (1/2) of the above rate shall be allowed him.)

Fee for subsequent re-issue of papers: The fee for each citation, notice or other paper covered under this fee schedule shall be assessed any time the citation, notice or other paper is re-issued.

Constable Pct. 1 Constable Pct. 2
1200 W Pearl Street 1200 W Pearl Street
Granbury, Texas 76048 Granbury, Texas 76048
817-408-2602 Office 817-579-3291 Office 
817-408-2603 FAX 817-408-3466 FAX

Constable Pct. 3 Constable Pct. 4
5417 Acton HWY, STE 103 100 E Pearl Street
Granbury, Texas 76049 Granbury, Texas 76048
817-408-2560 Office 817-579-3204 Office 
817-326-8263 FAX 817-573-3426 FAX

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