Pretrial Discovery

The District Attorney’ office has an open file policy for defense attorneys. Our office provides a copy of the criminal case pretrial discovery, which includes any or all the following:
  1. Indictment
  2. List of Witnesses
  3. Defendant’s Statement
  4. List of Expert Witnesses
  5. Defendant’s Driving Record
  6. Laboratory Report
  7. Video / audio recordings
Also included in the pretrial discovery is the District Attorney’s Plea Bargain Offer.

Defense Attorneys outside of Hood County

  • If the defense attorney’s office is located outside of Hood County, the District Attorney’s office will either mail the pretrial discovery packet or fax it to the attorney's office.
  • A request for the pretrial discovery packet can be made by fax, postal mail or email.
  • Please make fax requests or postal mail requests on office letterhead.
355th Judicial District Court Standard Discovery Order